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Maybe you are looking for a professional carpet cleaning service as part of your typical spring-cleaning routine. Or, maybe you are in desperate need of this carpet-cleaning service because your toddler just accidentally knocked your red wine all over your new white carpeting. Or, maybe that new puppy of yours keeps having accidents all-around your house. Regardless of your situation, we will be able to easily provide you with the highest quality service. After cleaning that magic carpet of yours, you are sure to be saying that it looks like a whole new world! Professionals recommend it is best to have your flooring cleaned every 12-18 months. So when it is time for you to schedule an appointment, here are just a few reasons why you should hire us for your floor cleaning needs:  

1. Wise investment. Well, you might be thinking that hiring a professional floor cleaning service is an unnecessary splurge. Sure, you might regularly vacuum your carpet and mop your tile floors, but even the most diligent cleaners will not be able to eliminate every single dirty particle. In fact, some estimates indicate that these regular vacuum jobs and mop-ups will only be able to get rid of approximately 75% of those loose particles on your floor. That leaves roughly 25% of these unwelcome particles that will live it up in your flooring and cause significant damage like cutting your carpet fibers. Therefore, our professional floor cleaning service is definitely a wise investment. We use high-quality cleaning equipment that will best maintain your home and continue increasing its value over time!

2. Well-trained cleaners. So at this point, maybe you are in agreement with us about the necessity of a good professional floor cleaning service, but maybe you are a little hesitant about opening your doors to complete strangers to come in and clean your carpeting and tile floors. Well, there is absolutely no need for you to worry because all of our cleaners are both well-trained and professional. Along with our excellent initial training, our workers have a lot of experience serving customers and providing these excellent floor-cleaning services that make them dependable and responsible people who you can trust. They will provide you and your family with the most excellent customer service while they are in your home, and we guarantee that your home will be completely safe in their hands!

3. Stress relieving. Between work, activities, appointments, bills, etc., etc., there can be a lot of stress going on in our lives all of the time. Hiring our fantastic floor cleaning service will be an easy thing to check off your list and one less thing for you to have to worry about among all of these other hassles. Having a cleaner house may even help manage the rest of the stress and make all of those things on your to-do list seem that much more tolerable. After all, a clean house is a happy house!

 4. Offer a variety of services. Are you looking for a service that will clean all of the carpeting and tile in your house? If that is the case, then we have got you covered! Or, do you want us to come into your home and upholster your furniture? If so, we will gladly handle that too! Whether you want to hire us for several services, or just one, for now, we will be able to accommodate you and help you out with any of your flooring and furniture needs! 

5. A homey home. You want the place you live to feel homey- more than just a few walls and a roof. A professional floor cleaning service is sure to make your house feel more like home. You will be excited to come home every night to a clean house, and you will be proud to show off those freshly cleaned floors when you invite your friends and family over to visit. Hire us for your flooring needs, and we guarantee to help make your home a place where you can relax and enjoy it!

Don't give up on that carpet just yet! Our products and services will bring life back to the old and worn! Here are four reasons you should call us today:

1. High-Traffic Areas - Let us work our magic on the worn path around the couch and the dirty entryway.

2. Children - Even though they make a bunch of messes, they are also the reason we should keep our floors clean. Especially for those sweet little crawlers. 

3. Stains - You got a little excited watching The Voice and you spilled your wine. No problem; we have it covered.

4. Pet Odor - Sparky is old and he has trouble holding his bladder. We understand he is part of the family and has just the thing to clean up after him!

5. Allergens - Wheezing and sneezing? Let us come clean those pesky allergens out of your carpet so you can breathe easy.


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(5.00 out of 5) - 1 review
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