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Established in 1986, Chet’s Cleaning is able to utilize the knowledge that they have gained over the last two decades to provide our clients with the ability to properly maintain the investments they have made in their homes and provide a healthier environment for their families. Area Rug Cleaning Facts Rugs look better and last longer when properly maintained. A 9 x 12 rug can hold up to 87 pounds of dry soil before looking dirty! Dry soils are abrasive and “saw away” at rug fibers like sandpaper every time you walk across your rug, shortening its life. The Oriental Rug Importers Association recommends cleaning handmade Oriental, wool and machine made carpets every 2 to 4 years. When you have your rugs cleaned by Chet’s, they will be cleaner and feel softer than ever before. We recently modified our process to improve the quality of our work to give you the best results. Why would you trust your expensive and often irreplaceable rugs to just anyone? Choosing the wrong company puts you at risk of damaging your investment. Rug cleaning takes time and care from professionals; other rug cleaning companies have systems that basically treat your valuable investment as if it’s going through a $2 car wash. STEP 1: INSPECTION All rugs are inspected for pre-existing conditions. Concerns are noted and addressed and fiber type, fringe, and pile condition are documented. Photographs are taken before and after for a comparison of stain and soil removal. STEP 2: APPROPRIATE SAFEGUARDS Protective screening is attached over very delicate or worn areas. This protects the integrity of fragile and antique rugs, while still allowing a thorough cleaning. STEP 3: RUG DUSTING Rugs can hold up to ¾ of a pound of soil for every square foot before “looking” dirty. Rugs are gently vibrated upside down to dislodge deep contamination and abrasive soils. The top side is then vacuumed to remove the loosened soil dislodged by the Rug Duster. Your rugs will last longer and will be healthier because these types of soils are nearly impossible to remove once a rug becomes wet. STEP 4: TESTING We test any cleaning solutions that will be used on your rug. Some rugs will “bleed” because their dyes are unstable. If bleeding is a concern, alternate cleaning solutions/techniques are used. Risks for damage are kept at a minimum, while still achieving optimal results. STEP 5: SPECIALTY SPOTTING We have a vast array of premium spotting solutions and just as important, the expertise and passion to remove the most difficult of stains. If you know what a particular stain is, please inform our staff. There is a much higher chance of removing stains when the source is known. While not every stain is removable, we safely remove many stains others have left behind. See our stain removal Guarantee* OPTIONAL STEP 6: RESTORATION We are experts at removing dye bleed from previous cleanings and/or accidents. Rugs that were once thought to be ruined are restored to their original condition. STEP 7: PRE-CLEANING TREATMENT A mild, eco-friendly cleaning solution is applied to loosen ground in soils and spots. Many rug cleaners skip this step or perform it improperly, which leads to stains being left behind unnecessarily or damage because too much agitation was used. This detergent is also excellent for removing and deodorizing minor accidents left by pets.* Just like soaking your hands before a manicure, pre-treating each rug is like a day at the “spa”. Each rug we clean is given the most professional care possible. STEP 8: AGITATION Depending on the condition of the rug the amount of agitation will vary. Lightly soiled rugs have some agitation; we use a mechanical brush or pressure washer for more soiled rugs. Our expertly trained staff keeps your rugs’ safety in mind at all times. STEP 9: FRINGE CLEANING Special cleaning agents are applied and then washed away with a pressure washer. Controlled water pressure is effective at pushing the soil out of the fringe. Your fringe will be clean and bright, and eliminates the need for fringe-damaging bleaching agents. STEP 10: GENTLE WASH CYCLE Rugs swim in our 1200 gallon rug washer where the sanitizing/ cleaning solution gently removes contamination around and through the delicate fibers. This state of the art process is the most gentle and effective method of rug washing ever developed! Rugs are cleaner and more sanitary than ever before, without any damaging mechanical action. STEP 11: NEUTRAL RINSE AND EXTRACTION Similar to a spin cycle on your washing machine, we use a state of the art Centrifuge® to safely remove 95% of the suspended soils and contamination. The centrifuge is slowed down as copious amounts of a special neutralizing rinse and softening agent are gently flushed through the rug. Each rug is rinsed until the water is as clear as tap water and spun until nearly dry. All remaining contamination and any cleaning residues left behind from previous cleaners are removed, leaving your rugs cleaner, brighter, fresher, and softer than ever! STEP 12: TREATMENTS AND PROTECTION Topical top-shelf treatments are PROPERLY applied. At other companies, treatments are applied while rugs are still dripping wet, so any applied products come dripping off the rug with the excess water. See product options below. You receive what you pay for! Witness how other companies apply after-care products and you will understand the MAJOR difference! STEP 13: FORCED HEATED DRYING Rugs are hung in a climate-controlled dry room with ample air circulation, able to maintain temperatures over 120°. Heat circulation prevents any chance of mold/ bacteria from re-growing. This maintains the sanitary condition of your freshly cleaned rugs. STEP 14: FINAL DETAILING AND STORAGE Rugs receive a final inspection before being rolled up and placed in plastic to keep safe for storage until picked up or delivered. CONCLUSION: Your rugs will be cleaner, fresher, brighter, and sanitary. All unhealthy contamination will be removed and we guarantee your rugs to be “Food Safe Clean”, even if they were contaminated by a flood or pet accidents! SPECIALTY TREATMENTS AND SERVICES: Diamond Protection– Finest fiber protection ever developed. 5 year spot and spill guarantee. Environmentally friendly and hypo-allergenic. Has UV inhibitors, so it slows sun fading. Gold Protection– Superior to all competitors protectors. But only comes with a 1 year spot and spill guarantee. Also has UV inhibitors, so it slows sun fading. Urine Stain and Odor Treatment guarantees odor removal and advanced stain treatment. Deodorizer will destroy offensive odors such as dog, cooking, smoke, skunk, musty, urine etc. Moth-Repel® protects your rugs from moth damage. If you have other wool items in your home, it is a good idea to have them treated also. Once moths enter a dwelling they can do considerable damage. Rug Repairs are performed from simple repairs of fringe, binding, and overcasting, up to the full reweaving and restoration of antique rugs. Blocking can make your distorted rugs square and even again. Quality Rug Pads will keep rugs from moving and makes your rugs last longer. We offer the best rug pad available; we custom cut rug pads and offer different pads that go on top of carpet or wood floors.

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