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Our Pledge to You We know that choosing professional carpet cleaners is important to you. You want someone you can trust, someone who keeps abreast of new carpet cleaning techniques in their field, someone committed to superior service, someone who CARES. At Corian Carpet, we take pride in our work. We base our business on QUALITY, not quantity. We guarantee our work. We continually attend professional carpet and rug cleaning seminars to keep up with the latest in cleaning techniques. Most importantly, our customers trust us. We are family owned and operated – and our customers recognize us and know our name when we arrive at their door. We treat our carpet and rug cleaning customers as friends – and take pride in that! WHY CORIAN CARPET AND RUG CLEANING? Corian takes great pride in its ability to provide the best residential carpet and rug cleaning services - dry foam, non-toxic, green cleaning available in Metro Detroit, MI. Our special three-step method assures residential customers that they are getting the best carpet cleaning possible.All traffic areas are pre-conditioned to loosen deeply-embedded soil so that their powerful steam-cleaning process lifts even the tiniest particles of debris from the base of the carpet fibers in your home.Extra-special attention is given to all spots and stains for easy removal.Using the finest professional carpet and rug cleaning equipment available, your carpets are thoroughly steam-cleaned with a powerful truck-mounted cleaning unit that will leave your carpet looking like new. Deep steam extraction will remove any residue other cleaning methods may leave behind.We'll groom your carpet with a special carpet tool that lifts the nap of your carpet to restore it to its original texture. They will inspect for any stubborn spots that may need additional attention before they complete their job.Complimentary paper runners are available upon request and placed in the traffic areas so that you can immediately walk over cleaned areas without concern. Carpets are NOT left water-soaked so they dry quickly. Residential Rug Cleaning - Oriental Rugs Corian Carpet also specializes in cleaning area rugs and oriental rug cleaning. In our cleaning plant, rugs are first vacuumed on both sides. Our chosen method of cleaning is determined by the type of weave and fiber of each individual rug. Rugs are gently cleaned to remove spots and stains and to restore the rug to its original appearance. Our Carpet Cleaning Services - As a "total" service company, we can sell, install, re-stretch, repair, and professionally clean and maintain your carpets so they're kept looking like new. By following our suggested cleaning schedule, individually created for you based on our professional analysis of your traffic flow, stain-prone areas, durability, etc., we will add years to the life of your carpets, thus saving you money over time. Our Carpet and Rug Cleaning Equipment - Our well-maintained trucks are equipped with a truck-mounted carpet steam cleaning system. This powerful unit is capable of producing 1000 pounds of water power at temperatures up to 180 degrees (we control the pressure and temperature based on the structure and durability of your carpet fibers). A powerful vacuum returns the dirt and hot cleaning solution back to the truck outside. No mess is left in your home or office. After extensive research and testing, this method of carpet cleaning has been selected by major carpet mills and fiber producers - chosen for maximum cleaning and texture retention. Portable, but powerful, steam cleaning units are used when our hoses can't reach, such as in high-rise buildings. The same cleaning process is used to clean these areas, guaranteeing high-quality workmanship and results. No task is too difficult for us. Our Steam Carpet Cleaning Process - Our home carpet and rug cleaning method depends primarily upon natural hot water and high extraction, eliminating the need for excessive and aggressive chemicals, solvents and harsh scrubbing which can damage your fabric and fibers. Tests have proven that our steam method leaves near zero residue, so there is no threat of premature wear, contamination or re-soiling.We arrive at your house promptly and fully equipped. Our technicians immediately begin to set up their equipment and prepare the room and carpet for cleaning. A pre-spray solution is applied to loosen the soil embedded in the carpet fibers. All major stains are given special attention and treatment. We then begin the actual cleaning process with our steam carpet cleaning system.After a thorough cleaning and rinse, we brush the nap of your carpet with a special carpet groomer-making your carpet look brand new. Furniture is put back into place with protective pads under the legs to prevent rust and wood stains on your slightly damp carpet. Paper runners are placed in traffic areas so that your family or your customers may immediately return to their routine. Your carpet will be left looking clean and beautiful.For those residential carpet cleaning customers who prefer a more "green" carpet and rug cleaning, one that is natural, eco-friendly, and non-toxic, we offer alternative products that meet those standards. We know your health and your environment are important to you. And because we care about that too, we offer you a choice of cleaning products, made from the highest quality, natural ingredients. These products are free of dangerous compounds, have no known carcinogens, contain NO animal ingredients, and made in the USA. CARPET REPAIR - Since 1945, Corian Carpet has been skillfully repairing carpets and rugs. In most situations, we can save our customers money by repairing cigarette burns, rips, split seams, and permanent stain marks. Over time, carpets may loosen and buckle from poor installation or wear. We are able to tightly re-stretch your carpet back to its original shape. Typically, repair and cleaning can be completed with one appointment. Your carpet will look like new.

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